Teenage Pregnancy Please!

Some of you who read my blog may also read shotsnaps If you don't, I think you would enjoy it, if only for the beautiful pictures of cute children and nature and stuff. Anyway, I read this article because A.O. linked to it and I thought other people might be interested.

I'm pretty well in agreement with the author. Even though I have managed to remain a virgin lo these twelve or thirteen years since I hit puberty, it has mainly been due to my own shyness and a lack of prolonged temptation.

While in Buffalo, Andrea and I were talking about marriage and sex and babies. She finds the desire to be a mother almost incomprehensible and I couldn't even present a coherent reason why I want to have babies someday except that I just want to. And, I'm ready to admit it...I'm not desperate (yet), but I want a husband and babies. The sooner the better, please God!
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