Blogger's Killin' Me...

Sometimes I become overwhelmed by how much I want to say about everything. I may not be much of a talker, btu I have so many ideas rolling around in my head just waiting for a chance to be written down. This post is going to be dedicated to the inanities of my life. Sit back and buckle your seat belts, it's going to be an entirely boring ride.

BREAKING NEWS: My trusty co-worker, Katie, left yesterday afternoon, ne'er to return. I will miss her company, but it's good that she's getting out of here because the slow times really drive her crazy. Her presence went a long way toward keeping me sane amidst the insanity that seems to inhabit every office in the world. A few of us treated her to lunch at Luna Grill as a last hurrah. The food was delicious and not too expensive.

Emily left for Oregon this morning. While there she will be attending Joel's graduation from his MBA program and spending lots and lots of time with her family. I will have the house to myself for five days, which, despite my fondness for Emily, I am sure I will enjoy very much. Most of my waking hours will be spent watching movies and ripping music from my CDs to my computer. Which leads to the update on my little plastic idol...

I received a replacement iPod from Friday evening. They have yet to send me the return envelope, so I currently have both the old, faulty one and the shiny new one that is still encased in the protective plastic in which it arrived. I purchased a case for it, which should be arriving any day. My older one is still functioning most of the time, so I will continue to use it until I have to return it or I have all my music loaded to the new one, whichever comes first.

Ross, one of my favorite co-workers, lent me a book called The End of Faith, by Sam Harris. He was so intrigued by the book that as soon as he finished reading it, he started again. Since I'm going to seminary in the fall, he thought it would be a good book for me to read. Harris' main point is that ALL religion needs to go the way of the dinosaur or everyone is going to die. A secondary arguments is that ALL war, past and present, has been caused by religion... So far, I see some of his points, but I feel like he's arguing against perceived fallacy by using fallacious arguments. I'm sure I'll write more once I've finished the book.
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