My 100th Post Is All About The Booty...

Went to the Nationals v. Phillies game last night on the company's dime. Sometimes working at a wealthy law firm has its perks. It was a fun night with Emily (who whipped out her Blackberry repeatedly during the game, as did at least two other people seated near us), Mary Katharine (who was treated to two beers by the middle aged men in the section behind us) and Molly (who was trying her hardest to learn everything about baseball in an effort to impress her Red Sox obsessed crush).

This is what we saw while we were there. (Warning: This image is not for the faint of heart!)

Please ignore the Indian family eating $6 nachos and let me draw your attention to the top of the photo. Yes, this is a grown man displaying at least 4 inches of butt crack for everyone seated behind him to see.

Thank you, cellphone technology, for allowing me to capture this moment. I tried to get a better shot, but it's not like I could ask the guy to sit down more slowly while I aimed my cellphone at his ass.

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