They let us leave work early today. No, that's not what made me upset.

What made me upset was the ride home on the Metro. There aren't a lot of people on the Metro at 3 p.m. and most of them are either tourists or people going shopping.

Well, today, some of the "people going shopping" were three obnoxious teenage boys from somewhere in Southeast. Two of them kept "rapping" really loudly about AK/47's and other such nonsense, while the third kept shouting, "COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THESE MOTHERF**KERS TO BE QUIET?! I'M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!!!"

Then, as if it wasn't already bad enough, a rather large woman got on the train and these boys (trying to pretend they were men by talking about their massive genitalia) started singing derogatory songs directly at her. And, of course, no one said anything to them because they would have a) started a fight or b) started a ruckus about racism.

No matter what, the race card would have been played. "I wasn't doing anything, they just hate me because I'm black and from Southeast."

No, I don't hate you. I'm just angry with you because you're loud and irritating. You're like the tourists from Texas who scream at each other across the Metro and block the doorway, only worse because you live here and should know better. You're like the the able-bodied jackass who doesn't get up to let the old lady who is struggling to stay upright sit down. Why can't you just be considerate and leave people alone? JUST SHUT UP!!! and let me have some peace because I need this time to reconcile myself to the fact that I just wasted six more hours of my life.

I even considered staying on the train for an extra stop because I knew they would be getting off at Pentagon City, but I couldn't surrender.
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