High School Musical

My dream last night involved me returning to my senior high alma mater to participate as the lead in an alumni musical.  For some reason, my costume was not sewn yet, but they wanted me to wear it, so it was merely draped over me and nearly fell off every time I moved.  Enter stage left: Jeff Ginger (who I haven't thought about for a long time, but on whom I had a huge crush for my first two years of high school).  It was an odd dream, but I can't remember much of it now except being completely happy that I was the female lead alongside Jeff.  Swoon!
I'm such a dork and I'm okay with that.  This dream led me to do a little searching, though.  And thanks to Google, I found that Jeff is now teaching history at my high school.  It's hard to believe how many people never get out of that place...
The question is...should I send a stalkerish email or just admire from afar?
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