DC Can't Handle Weather

We had some pretty torrential rain last night.  Apparently, the entire mid-Atlantic region was being destroyed by water.
A tree came down in our backyard.  It pulled down the gutter and a power line.  If it had been about ten inches taller, it would have crashed through my bedroom window onto the head of my bed.
Our downstairs neighbor had some flooding.  They were trying to bale out their window-wells, but then the tree came down nearly on top of them, so they stopped.  Currently, half of their possessions (electronics, musical instruments, etc.) are residing in our kitchen to keep them from being water-damaged.
Traffic was bad and Metro service was even worse.  Two Metro lines were stopped completely due to deep standing water over various sections of track.  Almost every Blue line train was 8 cars (they are usually 4 or 6).  Despite this unusual circumstance, the trains were still completely packed with people trying to get to work.  My trip, which usually takes me about 15 minutes took a full hour this morning.
For almost the entire hour I was jammed against the door I had come in.  If I had been able to read, it would have been alright, but there was no room to open my book without disturbing everyone around me.  There were also several men with deep, booming voices that insisted on becoming friends on the Metro and speaking at volumes that would not have been necessary at a sporting event.  I finally got to work at 9:45.
The day I take my last trip on the Metro will be my best day in DC!
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