The Pig and the Chicken: On Breakfast

On the November 2 episode of Grey's Anatomy, one of the patients at Seattle Grace used a interesting analogy to describe his commitment to his pregnant fiancee. He says he's the pig. He goes on to explain that a breakfast of ham and eggs means a contribution from the chicken and a commitment from the pig. In his relationship, he's a pig, completely committed.

On the eleventh, at St. George's Episcopal, the Navy chaplain who preached used this pig and chicken anology for our relationship with Christ. Then, on the eighteenth, the pastor at a Princeton Presbyterian Church used exactly the same metaphor.

My questions: Is there some sort of online database entitled "Cheesy Sermon Illustrations Stolen from Questionable* Television Shows"? Seriously!

Btw, I heart Grey's Anatomy; I'm not judging.
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