Many of my friends have the uncanny ability to sleep for a dozen hours at a time. They run themselves ragged on four to six hours of sleep a night for a week at a time, but on the weekends, they drop into bed at midnight and are out until noon or even 1 o'clock.

I, on the other hand, am pretty much worthless without about seven hours of sleep. It's possible for a few nights. Sometimes I might even appear pretty chipper, but I'm really just punchy. Feeling the drug-like effects of not getting the rest I need. Laughing too long and too hard at stupid jokes, making nonsensical comments, with a wide grin plastered across my dazed-looking face: these are all signs that I've been missing my bed.

There are times when I have been jealous of my friends who are able to sleep for as long as they wish. But, mostly, I just feel like they are living life backward. Ragged during the week, sleeping their weekends away. I'd rather be chipper and alert all the time. Unfortunately, a student's schedule doesn't always make that possible.

Right now, I am waiting for my dear little Hess to rouse herself from sleep so that we can get a start on our fun day! Plans include a possible trip to the Princeton Record Exchange, lunch at Tortuga's (a fantastic little Mexican restaurant) or some Wegman's Chinese food (mmmmm...), a jaunt up to the University campus to view an exhibit on martyr's, and maybe some frisbee. Who knows how much we'll actually do. The point is, Hess is here and it will be fun!
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