I've Gotten Spoiled

For the past nine days, Jordan and I have been hanging out a lot. When I say a lot what I mean is "most of our waking hours." All of the hanging out preempted a lot of the reading / studying / writing we should have been doing. Now reading week is over and we have to get back to the grind. Our OT midterm is in about one week and both of us have several papers to complete.

For tonight, we decided it would be a good idea to spend some time apart doing a little studying. He has an eight page paper due on Friday (I think) and he just got started on it yesterday. And, due to the evil temptress within me, I persuaded Jordan to stay up late last night watching movies and playing games, which caused him to need a nap this afternoon, preventing him from working on his paper once again. So, my just reward is a Jordanless evening. Sad Elliott. (Yes, I am becoming one of those girls who wants to be with a boy every second of the day and I like it!!!)

Anyway, I've finished two of my three papers due this week, so rather than spending my evening in productive study, I'm going to read for about an hour and then watch a movie with some of my friends from fourth Brown. A little Shakespeare in the evening. Maybe I'll even be able to get Mr. Burdge to take a little study break and go for a walk or something. That would be nice.

My first semester in undergrad went pretty well. I hope this semester doesn't end up making up for that one...

Edit: I fell asleep at 7:30 p.m. and slept until nearly 9 p.m. When I groggily wandered up to Katie's room for the movie, who should be there but Jordan. He didn't just take a little study break...he watched the entire movie with us. As he is wont to say, "The work always gets done."
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