Laura's Visit

Laura was her for a visit this weekend. She arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until about nine last night. We had a wonderful time with her here and I took a TON! of pictures. And when I say a ton, what I mean is almost 150. Of course, there were some duds and some repeats, so it's been narrowed down to 84. To view the flickr slideshow, click on the picture of Laura and Jordan. --->

It's always good to have Laura around. She understands me. Of course, having her here made me miss Rebecca that much more, but that didn't keep us from having a good time.

On Friday, I gave Laura a quick tour of PTS and Princeton U. It was a quick one. Then we had dinner in the caferteria followed by an evening at Lydia's apartment playing Taboo. I thought Laura and I would totally kick ass at that game, but she was tired and Joshy was the Taboo master, so we made a somewhat lackluster showing. Despite that, we thoroughly enjoyed our time hanging out eating German pastries.

Saturday was off to a lazy start. We weren't ready to do anything until almost noon. I wanted to show Laura a good time by taking her to Tortuga, a wonderful little Mexican restaurant, but unfortunately, they don't serve lunch on Saturday. So, we went to Wegman's for Chinese food instead. Believe me, I wasn't sad about that.

After lunch, we headed over to Mountain Lakes Nature Preserve and rambled about for nearly 2 hours. It was a good time. My feet got incredibly filthy because I was wearing flip-flops and walking through mud. Seeing a blue heron, several cardinals, and a kingfisher made up for the swampiness. Jordan and I are definitely going to return when it's in bloom. I'm sure it's beautiful.

After another nice dinner in the cafeteria, we played a quick game of Phase 10, which I lost miserably, and Laura left since she had to be at church early this morning. As I said before, it was perfectly lovely to see her and I hope that some day I will be able to get both of my roommates together in the same room again...we really missed Rebecca's alto on You Are My Sunshine.

I love my little Hess!
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