First Full Day

This was my first full day as a vegetarian. I committed to it as of Sunday but I had some sliced ham I'd already paid for and didn't want to waste, so I had some of that for the past couple of days.

Mmmm...ham tastes good. I will miss it for a while.
So far, so good.

I love vegetables, so enjoying my food hasn't been a problem.

Look at all the vegetables! You can even buy this poster!
The only tricky thing was eating out today. We went to a restaurant with a fairly limited menu and I discovered that there was only one vegetarian entree. Yes, only one. There were some salads I could have requested without meat and a vegan soup option but everything else was meat-filled.

In the grand scheme of things, I think the fact that eating at restaurants doesn't present a plethora of appealing options will work in my favor, making it far more appealing to prepare my own food.
And I'll have this much fun while I prepare it!
Also, I think Indian food will become my new best friend. It's completely delicious and comes from a country where 31% of the people are vegetarians. I really need to learn how to cook it for myself. The best is saag paneer and chickpea masala. Mmmmm... and naan.

Yeah, no meat in that, and I can almost guarantee it was delicious.
I have some protein powder and B12 supplements on the way. Yay for Amazon's Subscribe & Save discounts!

Anymore advice, vegetarians of the world?
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