Official Race Recap: Runner's World Half and Festival 10k Edition

After my triumphant 5k finish, I had 45 minutes to kill before lining up for the next go 'round. I was on the lookout for several other Sub-30'ers and managed to run into two: Matt and Ashleigh. As we lined up for the next race, we got some photos with all five of us.
My medal was in my bra. Great place for it during a photo op.
Even though we both knew we weren't running together, Lauren and I hung out together at the start. It was nice to have a familiar face nearby.

Since I was running alone, I felt free to take a few photos. As I was finishing up my second mile, I saw the leaders coming toward me over the bridge.

I missed a photo of the guy in first place who was accompanied by the illustrious Bart Yasso.
And I always love a good shot of ALL THE PEOPLE! 

I ran with Julie and Christine, in gray and pink on the left, for a while.
I started out fine. Sure, my legs were tired but it wasn't unbearable. Then we hit the first hill, not a huge one but as soon as I stopped for my first walk break, I couldn't get started running again until I hit the top. No big deal, since I knew I wasn't going to PR but walking six miles takes a lot longer than running it.

Fortunately, I ran into some ladies who were just having a good time on the course. We chatted a bit. Sometimes I ran ahead, then they would catch up. Being at the back of the pack is really what you make of it and these women weren't letting anyone get them down.

Around mile 5, I was passed by some older women who'd walked the entire race. A few minutes later, just at the base of the last hill, I ran into Monica on the same street corner where I'd met her the day before. I love minor celebrity sightings!

I cruised into the finish line at 1:30:28.

Some Sub-30 folks managed to meet up at a local restaurant for brunch but I got impatient and silly and ate Taco Bell in my car. It was delicious but I really do want to try Jumbars next year. Maybe we can reserve the entire tiny place.

During the afternoon, I attended two fun seminars - one with Mark Remy and the other with Bart Yasso. After Mark's seminar, he raffled off a bunch of... let's be honest, crap. He even raffled off the leftover raffle tickets. We were all concerned a rift might open in the space-time continuum but I think we're still okay. After Bart's, I accosted him for a quick selfie at the request of my lovely friend, Lauren. Now it's a thing: Every time it's possible, I need to get a photo with Bart Yasso. Watch out, sir!

His real face and his race face.
That chicken hat - it was part of the raffle. Can you believe he'd get rid of that?

I wish hundred of people wanted to take a photo with me!
Then, I went back to my hotel, brooded about my 10k, watched a marathon of Extreme Couponing, from the network that brought the world Honey Boo Boo, ate some pizza, laid out my gear for the morning, and went to bed early. Along the way, I discovered an advantage of running two races in a row: After the first day of racing, I was so tired that I didn't have any trouble sleeping through the night.

Ready for race day. A little more gear for a half...
Stay tuned for tomorrow's dramatic finish - the HALF MARATHON!
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