Thanks for your words of wisdom, Mr. Ford.
I've been failing myself lately. At the beginning of the year, I had a list of fitness goals and, a couple months ago, I lost sight of them and gave up. But I'm done giving up.

On my way to the Baltimore Running Festival expo to pick up my 5k packet, I was silently lamenting my lack of training for this race and next week's Runner's World Hat Trick. That's when I remembered/realized that fitness is not a one-time goal. You don't get there and stop. If you want to stay fit, you have to keep working for it. You can't train for one race and expect that effort to carry you through all the rest of your races. Fitness is not an area in which you can rest on your laurels.

Then I had another little chat with myself about how I don't get to keep making poor choices because I feel guilty about making poor choices. So, I'm not going to set a date for when I stop eating sugary crap or start exercising again, I'm just going to make one choice at a time, beginning with an early enough bed time tonight so that getting up in the morning to exercise won't be as difficult.

I may have failed myself for a time but that just gives me a chance to start again and, this time, I will do it better because I've learned from my experiences.

Thanks for bearing with me, folks. I've appreciated your encouragement and I can't deny that I'd love your continued cheers. :)
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