10K Across the Bay

Hopefully, you won't have form this bad when you run.
Next November (yeah, that's November 2014), there is going to be a race here in Maryland, right across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. If you're into planning things that far ahead, I've got a discount code for you.

Just follow these quick and easy steps.
  1. Click here to get to the registration page.
  2. Choose Ambassador Referral Program.
  3. Enter the password BRIDGEREP (all caps matters).
  4. Fill out your registration.
  5. At checkout, enter the coupon code ABBKATEE for 10% off (good until October 31).
  6. Show up for the race next November.
I hope to see you there. If you want to come in from out of town, I've got some floor space.
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