The Amazing Sub-30 Club - And A Virtual 5k

I've mentioned it before but I want to mention it again. I belong to this fabulous, funny, irreverent group of runners known as the Sub-30 Club. It originated when Ted Spiker, a professor and author of the Big Guy Blog, was trying to reach his goal of running a 5k in less than 30 minutes. He started a Facebook group and a bunch of people with the same intention joined it so they could talk about their journeys.

There are a wide range of people in the group, from complete running noobs to seasoned veterans of multiple marathons, from folks that rejoice in a 12-minute/mile pace to those who've achieved the elusive BQ (Boston Qualifier). And, though the original impetus was reaching a sub-30 minute 5k, a wide variety of conversations on everything from fueling for a marathon to fartleks to men in dresses to advice on shoes take place every day.

All of that is fantastic but what has made checking in with this group part of my daily life is the amazing support and encouragement that everyone provides one another without reservation. On the extremely rare occasion that someone steps out of line, someone else steps up to say, "Hold it, bucko! That's not how we play here." Of course, none of us are shy about a little lighthearted ribbing. What would we do if we couldn't make fun of Lonnie, after all?

If I'm honest, I think that the combination of support from some IRL running pals and this group are what have kept me interested in running through this slump I've been battling. Yes, I enjoy it, so there is a good amount of internal motivation, as well, (Otherwise, I wouldn't even continue contemplating a marathon next year. I'd just give up.) but I can't say enough about the power of community to amplify my motivation. Part of why I want to run is that I want to continue being a part of the Sub-30 Club, specifically, but also the running community, in general. It's a bunch of cool people and I feel lucky to count myself among them. Without them, I might not have realized that hitting pockets of awful like this is perfectly normal...

Wow! Enough blathering. I didn't mean to write that much. Mostly, I wanted to tell you that our group is holding a Virtual 5k. The rough details are below. Check out Andy's blog for more info and to register!

Distance: 5k or more
Dates: November 28 - December 1 (Thanksgiving weekend)
Dollars: $25
Donations benefit: The Wounded Warrior Project (we voted)

And you'll get this awesome tech shirt (designed by Allison, another member of the group) and a chance to win some prizes drawn randomly out of the pool of entrants.

Our group motto is "Suck it up, princess (or platypus or any other p-word you fancy)!"
While you're at it, you could join the Facebook group, too. Just don't get scared away by the crazies; they're cool once you get to know them. And, bonus!, I get to meet several of them while I'm at the RW Half & Festival this weekend!
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