Two for the Price of One

OR Things About Me #21 and #22

My first car was a powder blue, soft-top 1984 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, for which I paid $500.

Said car died on the highway, at rush hour, in subzero weather, eight months after I purchased it.

It was probably the coolest first car I could have ever hoped to own. It was completely rusting out, the tire treads were completely gone, the muffler fell off, it had power everything, but none of it worked, and the driver's side door didn't open, but it was still totally awesome.

The first thing Andrea said when she saw it was something about how the back seat was made for sex. She was probably right. I could have fit four people across that back seat, which was upholstered in leather.

Unfortunately, I only ever got one picture of the beauty and it's not digital. Perhaps one day I will scan it and show everyone my old boat in all its glory, but for now, sleep well and dream of large gas guzzlers.
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