Halfway Through

The fourth week of Greek has now come and gone. Our third exam, which I finished in half an hour, was this morning. I like to think it only took me half an hour because I'm brilliant, but it's really just because the exams are completely predictable, thus easily studied.

I've always thought that taking Hebrew over the summer was a bad idea because it wouldn't really stick, but I'm beginning to think that, for me, an intensive course is a good way to learn a language. It's amazing how much more smoothly it's all going since I get to completely focus on one class rather than trying to juggle all the reading and assignments for five other classes while cramming vocab and grammar into my brain.

In my free time, I've been playing around with photography a lot. With the help of some white posterboard and my dresser, I've set up a makeshift "studio." Mostly, I've been shooting some nail polish bottles, a piggy bank and a little key chain I bought in London, but it's been fun. We have Christmas break on Monday. Some friends and I might be heading to the shore for a day along the sea, so that would give me a great opportunity for some outdoor shots.

I may have said this before, but I'm coveting a digital SLR. Reading Understanding Exposure has made me wish for one even more. After some discussion with friends who are into photography here at Princeton, I've decided not to purchase a DSLR until I can afford a used professional grade camera. In the meantime, I will practice my technique with the camera that has served me well for over a year.

Blah blah blah...there I go blathering. Anyway, now I'm going to read some politically correct fairy tales. Have a great day!
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