My class on confession and forgiveness has provided a lot of blog fodder this semester. It's a class that forces me to think deeply about issues I would often rather push back into my subconscious, letting them surface only in my dreams.

However, over the course of the semester, as I've dealt with some tough questions and reflected on my life through the lens of various texts, I have begun to feel a sense of liberation. Telling the truth, even if only to oneself, has a freeing effect. Speaking and owning negative truth opens the way to forgiveness. Speaking positive truth helps us to own the good within us and reminds us that others, no matter how they've hurt us, have good within themselves, too.

In my own life, I've found that speaking the good is often more important than speaking the bad. It is often much easier to believe the bad things about myself than it is to recognize and own the good. Lately, I've been learning to express my gratitude and love more often. It's amazing to see how people light up when you tell them they are appreciated.

Try it. Speak the truth in love tomorrow. Enjoy the smiles and healing that result.
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