Sony, How Do I Love Thee?

My phone is dying. I dropped it on the stairs. It worked pretty well for a while, except for the one button that stuck a little. Whatever, it was still taking and making calls. Unfortunately, that stopped yesterday. Now it's delaying to the point that I can't answer calls.

I thought that I would have to buy a new phone, but when I checked the AT&T website last night, I found that, since they are desperate to retain all their Cingular customers, I was able to get a new phone for free. So, even though it's sort of annoying that I have to do the whole new phone thing, it's really nice that I didn't have to pay $180 for it.

So, this is your opportunity. If you desperately want to get on my speed dial, you can email me your number... I probably won't call, but you'll be in there.
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