Awesome Things That Happen When You Don't Have Money OR Insurance

Several weeks ago, I noticed that one arm of my eyeglasses was beginning to come off. This situation was distressing because I need my glasses to see stuff, y'know? Since I noticed this, I have been extra careful... The problem is that being careful only lasts so long.

This morning, as I was putting my glasses on, the arm that had been threatening to fall off, finally gave way. It's not a tragedy; I have another pair of glasses. It's just that these glasses are blue and plastic and make me look like I'm trying to be a sassy emo chick. Not to mention, the prescription isn't too far wrong, but it's also not completely right.

I guess I'll go talk to the financial aid office and see if I can get a few more dollars in student loans for next semester to cover a new pair. For now, I guess I'll be a sassy emo chick...
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