Totally Rocked It!

After a comment Just Sarah left on this post, I realized that I should give an update on how finals are shaping up.

-Cultural Hermeneutics paper - turned in
-Lesson plans on the book of Daniel - turned in
-Group project on the book of Ezekiel - turned in
-Hebrew final exam - TOTALLY ROCKED IT!

I only have one final left to go: Systematic Theology on Thursday morning. After some studying today, I'm feeling pretty confident in my ability to do well on this one. Anyway, even if I do poorly, after the test some Jordan, Evan, Daniel and I are headed to NYC to be a part of the live studio audience of The Colbert Report!!!!!

Some of my classmates might kill me for saying this, but I thought the Hebrew final was a breeze. Parsing is not my forte, but I am good at translation and the extra credit was a Bible verse I've had memorized since 11th grade (Psalm 19:14), so I think I pretty much aced it (as much as anyone ever aces a Hebrew exam).

That's all. I'll try to write something more substantive about cool things after finals are over.
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