Mad Dash to the Finish Line

School is over for me until early July. It has been for about five days now. So much happened in the days leading up to the finish that I'm just now getting around to writing a little bit about it.

Thursday was my last final. Systematic theology is definitely not my thing. It's wonderful that the first semester of it is done, but terrible that I must take a second semester in the fall. Less than an hour after our final was written, Jordan, Evan, Daniel and I hopped a train to NYC to see a taping of "The Colbert Report." The whole experience involved a lot of waiting and more waiting and a little more waiting, but it was still a good time. Given the unpredictable process involved in getting tickets, it was almost a miracle that we got tickets for the day we did.

Some highlights of our time in the Big Apple included:
  1. Getting seats in the second row of the audience.
  2. Receiving a bag of goodies, which included lip liner, lipstick, and nail polish. This was especially funny considering the fact that I was with three guys.
  3. Encountering my first true "metrosexual," who happened to be the security guard at the studio. He was definitely wearing eyeliner and maybe a little foundation.
  4. Buying dinner for four in Manhattan for less than $25 total.
We got back late. Jordan and I went straight to bed in order to wake up bright and early next morning for a trip to the beach.

Next day, Jordan, Chris (Jordan's roommate), and I headed to Island Beach State Park for a romp in the sand. The day began overcast and sort of chilly, but by the end the sun had come out and I had a (not-so-lovely) sunburn. Highlights from our time at IBSP included:
  1. Seeing a dolphin breach the surface from our position on the dunes.
  2. Eating peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches for the first time in years.
  3. Getting some great photos of the sand and surf.
  4. Hiking to a bird blind and seeing several osprey, a great blue heron, and plenty of HUGE turtles.
That night, when we got back, I had to pack my entire room. The next day, Jordan's mom came around 10:30 a.m. and we packed up the cars. Now, we are back in Pennsburg. Jordan has a job painting and I am lounging about because no one in this area wants to hire me for six weeks. At least I can be of some use in watching over the pregnant dog. I can't wait for puppies!
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