My birthday was a lovely time. The Barnes Foundation was beautiful. Almost every room is dominated by Renoir, whom I enjoy a great deal. It took us about two hours to go through the entire gallery because there are only about 20 rooms. An amusing tidbit for all of my fellow seminarians, the gallery is on Lapsley Lane. (tee hee)

After our gallery tour, we went to Murray's Delicatessen for a nice lunch. I had grilled cheese and latkes. It was yummy, but a little overpriced. Of course, it was my birthday, so Jordan paid without complaint and we enjoyed our food.

I took a nap in the afternoon. Unintentional, but so good. While I was sleeping and Jordan was supposed to be running, he was actually out buying and decorating a cake for me. I don't know if the gathering at Lydia's house was originally intended to be for me, but it turned into that. There was cake and cookies and more cake.

All the Facebook, MySpace and Blogger greetings were wonderful as well. Thanks to everyone for making my birthday a good day.
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