Okay, it's not really a snow day, it's more like an ice day, but, regardless of that, Princeton Theological Seminary has granted us a day off from classes. Mind you, I really enjoy most of my classes this semester and don't mind attending them, but there is still something about a snow day that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I don't think I've had a snow day since high school. In Watertown, we were prepared to deal with large amounts of frozen precipitation, so we were more likely to have "cold days" because the temperature and wind chill would actually make it dangerous for children to walk to school or wait at a bus stop. Snow was no problem, we practically had a plow per street to deal with a little white stuff.

It is funny how hearing the "no school" announcement can still make me feel a little giddy, wondering what I am going to do with all my newly free hours. Unfortunately, I think I'll still have to work tonight, but the next seven hours are sitting in front of me like a beautifully wrapped gift. Perhaps I should get some homework done... ;)

Instead of wishing you a happy Valentine's Day, I will wish you all a happy Snow Day!
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