Emotional Schemotional

I've often been accused of being unemotional. Reacting to news, good or bad, is tough for me. What it boils down to is that I don't want to react the wrong way, so I react no way at all.

What I've discovered is that no reaction is the wrong reaction in many cases, especially when friends are sharing terrific news like "I'm getting married!" "We're having a baby!" "I got a promotion!" No matter what may be going on inside me, my standard reaction is, "That's nice. Want a piece of gum?"

Last night, Matt, Evan, Daniel, Jordan and I were sitting in Applebee's enjoying some half-price appetizers. (Yay quesadilla for $2.50!) Since Valentine's Day is coming up, Evan and Daniel started talking about their long-distance loves, past Valentine's, etc.

Lately, Evan's girlfriend has been putting a little pressure on about getting a ring. (Evan intends to propose at some point, but she wants it sooner rather than later...) This conversation prompted a story from Daniel about a college friend who proposed to his girlfriend in Prague. Apparently, the guy set the whole thing up well in advance and managed to surprise his girlfriend with a love poem, which was planted behind a brick in the Charles Bridge four months earlier, and his unexpected presence and a ring.

Previously, such stories would have made me say, "Awww, how cute" and then I would move on with the conversation. Last night, though, the only woman with four men, I began to blush and involuntarily grin and feel butterflies in my stomach. What an inconvenient time to become a girl!

So, maybe I used to be such a jerk about good news because I was jealous. I suppose that's a possibility which I have to face. While I'm dealing with that, though, if you have some good news, Kate is available for girlie reactions.
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