A For Real Date

Jordan and I don't go on many dates. It's expensive, we're poor and both of us prefer to be in the comfort of our dorm rooms playing cards or Scrabble or watching a movie, anyway.

But, not tonight; tonight we are going to see Chick Corea in concert at the University. Jordan's into jazz and apparently, this guy is one of the (or maybe the) best jazz pianists in the world. JZ tells me that Chick has gotten experimental in the last few years. I hope I have enough musical savvy to make the $many that he spent on my ticket worthwhile.

When I was dating in college, me and the boy went to a piano concert as part of the free (to students) concert series offered at Houghton. About halfway through the performance, I noticed that my hand in the boy's was the only thing keeping him from falling out of his chair since he was fast asleep. It wasn't long after that we broke up. I'm not saying that we broke up because he fell asleep at the concert, I'm saying it's nice to have someone with whom I can enjoy art, music, and other activities that I enjoy and are better with a friend.
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