Update To The Car Fiasco

When I got home last night, I called Carl, the guy who had promised to have my car outside waiting for me when I got to Auto Stop. He had gotten sick and left work early and told one of his co-workers to leave my car outside. The person he asked to place the car outside also left work early and didn't tell anyone about my car. So, when I talked to Carl last night he said he would bring my car to my house since I wouldn't have time to pick it up tonight. This morning he called to confirm the address and ask where to park. After speaking to him, I called Harold, the front desk guy and discussed the situation. To make up for my six mile trek in flip-flops, my next oil change is on the house.

While I was pretty annoyed by the inconvenience and am now experiencing muscle pain and fatigue, I am pleased with the way the guys over at Auto Stop handled themselves and will be glad to give them my business in the future.
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