No Free Rides

I'm just beginning to realize what not having a car at school will mean. Visits to friends will be nearly impossible unless I want to spend lots of time on buses. Going home for vacations will require finding a ride with a classmate. Running to Trention for a Rita's Gelati on a whim will be completely out. Awww...

It will also mean no insurance payments, no money budgeted for skyrocketing gas prices, and no worries about scheduled maintenance. WOOT!!!

My mother is going to use the car while I'm at PTS. I will still be responsible for the car payments, but I will also have a car waiting for me when I get done. It's a blessing not to have to think about buying a car when I'm broke just out of school again. And, hopefully, it will be a blessing to my mother whose current car is getting about 13 miles/gallon.
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