I Used To Love You

When I first began attending church, I listened to almost every Focus on the Family broadcast that existed. I mean, I really ate the stuff up...especially the women should stay at home and have lots of babies stuff.

Now, almost every time I listen to it, I sort of want to throw up. I was listening to Christian radio the other night in my car when someone from FOTF began reviewing The Da Vinci Code movie. Of course, they were making a big deal about how only mature Christians should see the film and you should have a better reason than just entertainment.

"And, of course, it can be an evangelism tool."

"But, there are other ways to learn about Dan Brown's claims and learn how to refute his errors without actually reading the book or seeing the movie."

I say, see the damn movie if you want to see the movie. I want to see it and, despite the $7.50 required to see a matinee in NoVa, I probably will. And I'm not even planning on beating my non-Christian friends over the head with "evangelistic" responses to its idiotic claims. Honestly, if someone thinks the claims of a historical fiction writer can damage his or her faith, maybe someone needs to take some time to figure out what he or she has faith in and why Dan Brown's stupid (but enjoyable) book has a negative impact on that.
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