So...Grey's Anatomy

Denny died...I was prepared for that. The writer's blogs and foreshadowing in the show made it impossible for him to make it. At least he was happy for a while before it happened.

Izzie quit...I expected her to get kicked out of the program, but quitting also makes sense. It doesn't seem like getting rid of Katie Heigl would be good for the show. According to Emily, she still has a contract for next season. I hope that she sticks around and she and Alex get back together. He really does love know how you can tell on TV.

I wanted to kill Cristina every time she walked away from Burke. She knew what she was doing was wrong and she kept doing it. Easy for me to criticize,
but I'm sure the writers meant for me to get mad at her, so I feel completely justified. I'm glad the Chief didn't give her any advice about "keeping her edge" because she already has enough sharpness.

Interesting that the Chief thought his affair was still a secret. Interesting that his wife would pull that card out at the moment she did.

I like Callie and I like George and I like Callie and George. I understood where George was coming from when he apologized to Meredith. Sometimes it's easier to ignore the consequences, which you know are inevitable, for a few moments of happiness.

Derek and Meredith had sex!!! Makes me want to vomit. He's married!! She's dating someone! It's just wrong. Anyone with any morals at all knows it's wrong. And...Addison is so great and she's really trying to make this marriage work. Most of the time I like her better than Meredith.

Derek doesn't get to try to stop her from leaving with the vet. He doesn't get to have any claim on Meredith unless he is going to go all the way with it...leave Addison and commit to Meredith. The only reason I think he should do that is because it would be better for Addison.

There is probably much rejoicing by those who desperately wish for Meredith and Derek to get together. They are happy that Derek is a faithless jerk and that Meredith is pursuing a career as a homewrecker. They think it was so romantic and lovely. I'm just sick.

Predictions for next season: Addison is totally going to find Meredith's panties on Derek.
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