What's the Buzz?

So, my former roomie told me that I need to blog something other than pictures, so here I am blogging something other than pictures. There's been a lot going on lately, but nothing momentous since the wedding in Ohio.

I've mostly been playing house since I don't have a job here in Pennsburg. I've made about 20 delicious dinners, for which I should post the recipes, but probably won't. My favorite is definitely the felafel (from the Moosewood cookbook), homemade olive and cilantro pita, and from scratch tzatziki sauce. I made it last night for the fourth time this year. It's time consuming, but so delicious I don't care.

Sarah just got done with school for the year, but for the few weeks that she's been working while I was home alone, I've been doing the cooking and shopping and such. I don't think I ever realized before now how much planning it takes to run a home. The thought of doing all of this with an infant around the house is frightening.

Other than cooking, I've also been taking care of the puppies. Sadie does most of the work, but I give them love and clean their blankets. Their eyes have been open for about a week and they've begun toddling around the baby pool. I took them to Sarah's school on Monday. The kids were crazy about them. It was a good time. Everybody loves puppies. Today, we bought some wire to make an outdoor enclosure for the pups. It should be fun to watch them romp and bite each others' faces in the grass.

School begins again soon for me. I'm a little reticent to go back. I like my days spent playing with puppies, baking bread, identifying wildflowers, and spending inordinate amounts of time playing on flickr. It will be good to get back into the swing of things, but hard to have obligations again.

I'll try to write more...promise.
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