My New Hobby

Laurel Blooming, originally uploaded by kate e. did.

This is one of my favorites from the past few weeks. Mountain laurel is so beautiful.

With the amount of flower pictures I've been taking in the past few months, I've recently taken up a new hobby: flower identification. I have a species list that I began in early May, which already has almost forty flowers on it.

The difficult thing about the list is that you can't cheat and put flowers on it that you have seen before, you are supposed to document them as you find them. Fortunately, Sarah has a beautiful garden with new flowers blooming every couple of weeks. Hopefully, when I get back to Princeton, I will be able to add even more flowers to the list.

I'm working on trees a little bit, too, but the flowers are so plentiful and vibrant now that it's difficult to concentrate on leaves and twigs and green and brown. I'll save that for fall and winter.

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