So, I think I'm going to Benjamin Button this bad boy and start with my most recent photos and work my way back. I'd like to show you all the pictures and tell you all the stories but I guess I have to choose just a few or you'll get bored. These are bound to change as I look through my photo archives and decide I want this one instead of that one, so check back sometimes and you might get a surprise.

June 2013 - I ran a half marathon in the heat of summer. This is PROOF!
A year into my running journey, I had a new body and new, neon shoes.
I completed my first two half marathons within eight days. April 28 - May 4, 2013
2010 - My college roommates are pretty awesome, too. The ones on the right now have two kids, as well.
2009 - Some of the awesomest seminary friends a woman could hope for. Some are missing :(

2003 - Tongue-piercings can be considered an act of rebellion. Africans just think it's weird.
2001 - College was pretty fantastic. This photo represents hundreds of amazing memories.
1986 - And before it all, I was this little one.
Yeah, these are fun, but the story is pretty much crap. Expect improvements.

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