Stupid, stupid, stupid

Only two years out of college and I already feel like I've lost all of my intellectual prowess. Writing a short essay about myself is simply killing me.

Part of it is that I feel like everything I write comes out in Idiot.
Part of it is that I don't feel worthy to apply to such a prestigious school.
Part of it is that I'm beginning to realize just how little of this whole process I control.

Control is one of my weaknesses. I like to be the one calling the shots. It's not that I'm bossy...ask anyone, I'm not. It's just that I like knowing what's going to happen.

I hate writing for an audience I don't know.

The Interview

I have an interview tonight. It is for admission to Princeton Theological Seminary. I'm not traveling to Princeton, because they set up something with an alum in my area. She's a pastor at a local Presbyterian Church. The picture of her on the church website looks friendly. Let's hope they didn't just catch her on a good day.

I bought a new black corduroy suit for the interview. It annoys me (just a little bit) that my current wardrobe wouldn't suit. There is a suit in my closet already, but it's too big since I lost 50 pounds. Too bad I only got to wear it about 6 times.

Right now, I am wishing that I had more experience being interviewed. I also wish I knew what this woman was going to ask. It would make me feel a lot more confident if I could do some research. Though, I suppose that would defeat the purpose of the interview...making people think on their feet and all that.

Just born

This is the official birthday of my new blog. I like to write everything just as I would say it.

Hopefully, this blog will give me a chance to ponder. Maybe it will even be a place where I can think new thoughts I've never thought before. Here's hoping someone will read my ramblings.