Especially for Becca and Rebecca

Earlier in the summer, I made apple crisp to feed to the youngsters who attended the weekly Wednesday events here at the church. It wasn't the best apple crisp I've ever produced, but with a little ice cream it was still yummy. Many of the children turned up their noses at it. However, there was plenty leftover for the church staff to enjoy a bit.

Anyway, as the church financial whiz and I were enjoying our after lunch snack, I mentioned how spoiled I'd become by the amazing Pampered Chef apple peeler corer slicer gadget, without which I hadn't made apple crisp in several years. Well, it turns out that Virginia owned just such a gadget, but had rarely used it. Unbeknownst to me, she went on a hunt through the storage areas of her house and, finally, uncovered it and brought it to me in a lovely gift bag yesterday. It's still in the box! Some of the pieces are still in their original wrapping.

All I can say is, "WOOT!"
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