When I was younger, I kept a journal. During high school and my first semester of college, that journal contained a fairly detailed account of everything that happened every day of my life. When I read my accounts now, they are pretty silly. Dozens of books filled with details of my life that no one (except I) will ever care about, but that I can't bring myself to toss in the garbage because journaling did something for me. It helped me to process my life when it felt like there was no one with whom I could share the details.

In the past few years, blogging has done the same thing for me in some ways. But...blogging is different. The processing has to take place before I write. I have to determine whether something I'm thinking or feeling is worth releasing in a public forum or whether I am even ready to communicate it.

I think I'm offering you, my faithful readers, an excuse for why I haven't been around. There's a lot of stuff milling around in my head these days and I just can't decide what of it is worth writing about. I never realized how much thinking one does in school until I came back after a few years off. The number of topics that I think about and talk about on any given day seems insane and it doesn't leave me a lot of energy (or time) to process something for ye olde blogosphere.

Anyway...that's all...I need a nap after getting only 5 hours of sleep and doing a presentation on Daniel 7 this morning. Read Daniel 7 and some of the commentaries on it, your brain will hurt, too.
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