Believing the Commercials

I've just finished reading Through Painted Deserts, by Donald Miller. This is the second book I've read by Don and just like Blue Like Jazz, it hit me where I live.

The theme that hit me hardest was the idea of "believing the commercials." Our (my) society has been completely sucked in by the idea that having more stuff (iPod) or eating at certain restaurants (mmm...Chipotle...mmm) or going on fancy vacations or any of the other lies the advertising agencies share with us will make us feel better (or at least different) about ourselves, that we will have a better life because we possess some magical "IT."

My trap is stuff. I think that the next purse or the next pair of shoes will make me complete. Obviously, I'm not stupid, I know ultimately, it will make no difference, but I dare to dream.

I want it out of my system. Sometimes I feel like it's gone. I don't buy anything stupid for weeks, even months. Then, I decide one thing I want is alright and it starts the cycle of spending to make myself happy all over again.

God, help me be responsible. Help me understand that I don't need any thing to make me happy or contented.
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