A Lot to Love

I don't go out of my way to promote many things but I want to tell you all about an amazing idea that my friend's twin boys brought to life.

I'm not sure how old they were when they had the idea but it was already making news back in 2012, when they were ten.

Ben and Sam are twins. They make twin monsters. Ben designs and Sam, with the help of their lowly assistant/dad, Ray, sews, and they have stuffing parties to get the monsters ready to go. When one monster is sold, it goes to the purchaser and its twin goes to a child who could use A Monster to Love - maybe because he's in the hospital or she's a refugee who just arrived in the United States.

I've admired the boys' initiative ever since I learned about it a little over a year ago but it really hit me today what a blessing their efforts are.

A college classmate has twin boys, one of whom happens to be named Ben. Less than a week ago, Ben was diagnosed with a brain tumor and, today, he had surgery. In order to gather prayers and support, another college friend organized "Wear Blue for Ben Day" because that's been "his color" since he was born - a way to tell the boys apart.

Wearing #blueforBen
I posted a photo on Instagram of myself wearing blue and mentioned that it was for my friend's son who was having brain surgery.

Later, I got a message from Ray asking for an address where they could send Ben a monster. When I told Ray that Ben has a twin, his response was, "WHAT? Awesome we will send two..."

Though I have no doubt that Ben will receive numerous cards and any number of gifts, I can imagine that his monster, made by another set of twins, not so many years older than he is, might become a little boy's treasure.

Every time I've thought about Ben over the past few days, I've been overcome by sadness - questions about why any family would have to endure this kind of trial - but, alongside that sadness, there has been the evidence of an incredible response of love from thousands of people, near and far, man of whom have never met Ben and his family - including two teenage boys in Colorado who make monsters.
These are the actual monsters being sent to Ben and his brother. Photo courtesy of Ray @ A Monster to Love
If you think of little Ben, please pray or send good thoughts for him and his family. The surgery went well, he's in recovery, and has even been alert enough to ask for things. His family won't know what kind of tumor it was for as much as a week and I'm sure the waiting will not be easy. From there, they will have to decide further treatment options.

A banner created for the Facebook event by a friend of Ben's family.
And, if you have any kids who need gifts, check out A Monster to Love. They are doing good stuff!
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