I Love My Thighs

Never in my whole adult life have I been able to honestly say that I love my thighs. They and my upper arms have always been the two pieces of my body that I wanted to hide under clothing as frequently as possible.

But now, I'm saying it, loud and proud, "I LOVE MY THIGHS!"

Let me be clear - these parts are still wobblier than I would like. I'm working on that, not because I feel ashamed but because I want to see what they can become.

I love my thighs because they move me.

When I look in a mirror as I'm walking past, they don't jiggle. They are becoming more and more like the thighs I so admire in swimmers and runners that flex powerfully with each step.

These thighs of mine are evidence that I'm changing from the inside out and I'm proud of them and me.

I love that these thighs are one of the things that will carry me through my first race - this Thursday in Millersville, PA - hopefully, in a time I can hardly bring myself to believe is possible.

What's your favorite of your parts?
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